Artist Statement

Inspired by wild places and wild systems - expertise in working together. I am interested by the fact that we are nature and nature is us, yet we seem to work in contrast to our own nature. We trade in our organic curves and flexibility for rigid and linear ways of being. I often wonder why that is. It seems to be a Canadian artistic tradition which consumed the minds of Tom Thompson and Emily Carr. Namely: a deep seeded desire to re-create a sense of a place. I am interested in how the tree and pine cone feel too. I am grateful to Nancy Holmes, Aleks Dulice, Pamela Barnes and Lori Mairs for leaving the crumbs that lead me to this interest of connecting people to place.

I tend to paint with my fingers, the physicality of sculpting the paint feels performative, capturing each thought, gesture, and expression in colour. I also like setting tables for conversations to happen.